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F.I.M.P/Love in the Time of Novel

F.I.M.P was published during the Pandemic. This was a story that I began in 2013, but I put it on the shelf to brew for seven years. My characters and plots were set, but I had no setting to place events. Once the pandemic emerged, the story began to make sense to me. F.I.MP. is an abridged version of a longer story. The details and link for the original version are provided below.

F.I.M.P. Pandemic Magazine, March 2021.

As the world implodes due to the pandemic, there has been an abrupt shift in normality. Despite the reach of the novel coronavirus, people must still work and live their lives in order to survive. F.I.M.P. is a dark and humorous snippet in the life of Lee who befriends his neighbor, Lilly, who turns to pimping to make ends meet during the quarantine.

Love in the Time of Novel

Love in the Time of Novel is the unabridged version of F.I.M.P Each version was published in separate magazines. They are organized differently, though the characters and plot flow in similar fashions. Love in the Time of Novel is closer to my heart because it is the version I wanted in print. This story can only be accessed on the Chiron Review website and must be purchased as a print copy.

Love in the Time of Novel. Chiron Review, Winter 2021, Issue 124.

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